Word Family Tales: To Sleep, Count Sheep (-eep)

Word Family Tales: To Sleep, Count Sheep (-eep)

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What should you do when you can't sleep? Just close your eyes and count some sheep! You'll smile at this super-silly bedtime story!

This rib-tickling read-aloud tale was created especially to build early phonics skills by teaching children to recognize "families" of words that share the same spelling pattern. This key reading strategy helps kids decode new words with ease-and become stronger readers, writers, and spellers! Also includes riddles, a cheer, and reading tips!

Teacher Tips

Make a list on chart paper of all the -ay words found in the story. Write each of the words from your list on an unlined index card. Use a different color for -ay than the rest of the word. Read each word on the cards with children. On another reading of the story, distribute the cards to children and have them hold up their card as their word is read!

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  • ISBN13: 9780545407588
  • Format: eBook
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  • Grades: Pre-K - 2

Word Family Tales: To Sleep, Count Sheep (-eep)



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