Wise Up, Silly Owl

By Steve Metzger Illustrator Hans Wilhelm

Wise Up, Silly Owl

By Steve Metzger Illustrator Hans Wilhelm
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Owls are supposed to be wise, but young Spotty Owl doesn't want to be wise. He wants to be silly! Father Owl, who is truly wise, wonders when Spotty will finally grow up and use his wisdom to help the other forest animals.

When Father Owl has to go off to help another animal, and must leave Spotty on his own, Spotty decides: "I'll just pretend to be wise. Nobody will know I'm not." Soon he's visited by Suzy Squirrel. She has lost her acorns and wants Spotty to help her find them. He sings a song, pretending that it holds the answer to her problem.

More animals come to him, each with a new problem, and he greets each animal with a new song. Is it possible that Spotty's silly songs might hold the answers to each visiting animal's problem?

Every page of this amusing little fable is enhanced with delightfully funny illustrations by the popular artist Hans Wilhelm.

Product Details

  • Item #: NTS520387
  • ISBN13: 9780545203876
  • Format: Paperback Book
  • Pages: 32
  • Genre:
    Comedy and Humor
  • Grades: Pre-K - K
  • ACR Level: 2.5

Wise Up, Silly Owl

Paperback Book


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