Unlocking Shakespeare: Macbeth

Unlocking Shakespeare: Macbeth

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Introduce students to the wonderful works of Shakespeare with this ready-to-go, 6-page lesson plan that makes teaching Macbeth very accessible. Features a short, well-known scene accompanied by pop-out notes that explain his old English and make it easy for kids to understand. Also includes a reproducible page that explores literary devices, plus quick and easy activities that extend the scene and help kids comprehend and enjoy the rest of the play!

Teacher Tips

Memorize: Divide students into small groups. Ask each group to choose a favorite speech from Macbeth and memorize it, dividing the lines among the students in the group. For instance, in a 20-line speech, a group of five students would each memorize four lines. Then have each group of students recite their speech for the class!

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Unlocking Shakespeare: Macbeth



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