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Teaching Comprehension With Questioning Strategies That Motivate Middle School Readers

By:  Larry Lewin
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  • Grades: 5 and Up


Middle-school literacy expert Larry Lewin shares 12 questioning strategies that boost students' critical thinking and comprehension during and after reading. Easy to integrate into reading assignments in any content-area, these classroom-tested techniques help students engage in a dialogue with the text they're reading, improve their recall and understanding, and build a strong sense of purpose for reading.
Strategies are scaffolded to provide plenty of instructional support. Students first learn to phrase questions to serve specific reading purposes, such as gathering information, making predictions, and responding to author bias. As they become more skilled at questioning their texts, students move on to more advanced techniques, such as QAR (Question-Answer Relationship) and QtA (Questioning the Author), which Lewin has specially adapted for middle-school students. Other features include teacher-student exchanges that demonstrate the strategies in action, step-by-step lessons, student work samples, and assessment ideas.

How to use this product:

Question-asking improves reading in three important ways:

1. It fosters self-monitoring by helping the reader keep abreast of his or her progress on the road to understanding. When you are asking questions, you are tracking your reading.

2. It advances toward close comprehension, which is deeper and more careful than the kind of superficial comprehension gained by gliding over the text.

3. It cultivates intellectual curiosity—yes, real interest in learning—by lifting the veil of a book’s words and inviting the reader to come inside. By questioning, you can consider the author’s purpose, intention, position, attitude, or maybe even bias.

Teaching Comprehension With Questioning Strategies That Motivate Middle School Readers

eBook 12.34

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