Sight Word Tales: Today Is So Boring!

Sight Word Tales: Today Is So Boring!

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Today is so, so very boring. He thinks he might as well be snoring. But is life as boring as it seems?

This read-aloud story is designed to jumpstart reading success by introducing-and reinforcing-the most frequently used words in print. Help ensure that children really know their sight words by sharing this engaging tale!

This book teaches these four sight words: today, so, as, well.

Teacher Tips

During Reading: As children become more and more familiar with the story, they’ll be excited to take on increasing amounts of text. You can invite children to participate in a whole-class choral reading, have volunteers each read one page at a time, or even have pairs do a partner reading for the group!

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  • Item #: NTS541323
  • ISBN13: 9780545413237
  • Format: eBook
  • File Format: pdf
  • Grades: K - 2

Sight Word Tales: Today Is So Boring!



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