Rime Magic

Phonics-Powered Prevention and Intervention for All Students

Rime Magic

Phonics-Powered Prevention and Intervention for All Students

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Rime Magic is a word-recognition resource that's changing the lives of readers across the country. The rime is the key part of a word that makes it easy to see the structure (for example, the /ip/ in slippery or the /at/ in splattered). In engaging, five-minute lessons, students add onsets (i.e., beginnings) and endings to the rimes to combine those parts into words and analyze those words-like magic! They learn to see the natural segmentation patterns of the written word-and “crack the code”-using their ability to hear onsets and rimes to make letter-sound correspondences. With practice, students pick up the pace and the rime jumps out at them as they read. Confidence soars and word recognition becomes more and more automatic, leading to enhanced comprehension and fluency.

About the Author

Sharon Zinke
A reading Intervention Specialist, Literacy Consultant, and specialist in the area of literacy development and reading intervention. Most recently, she has worked with Bay Area schools to quickly raise the decoding and word recognition levels of students.

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Rime Magic

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