Real-Life Reading Workbook

Real-Life Reading Workbook

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Real Life Reading is an ideal tool for teaching reading to adults who are learning ESL or who are at the pre-GED level. With examples based on real-life situations that your students are eager to master-from making sure they get the right change to calculating how much half a pound of oranges will cost at the grocery store-this book is sure to keep them interested and motivated.

Teacher Tips

Encourage students to bring in real-life examples to discuss with the class. For example, a student might bring in a bus schedule, a sale announcement, or a job application. Show the example on an overhead projector and invite students to discuss it according to the criteria presented in the lesson!

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  • Item #: NTS518202
  • ISBN13: 9780545182027
  • Format: eBook
  • File Format: pdf
  • Grades: 7 and up

Real-Life Reading Workbook



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