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Our Abe Lincoln

By:  Jim Aylesworth Illustrator: Barbara McClintock
Paperback Book
Paperback Book
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  • Item #: NTS523392
  • ISBN13: 9780545233927
  • Format: Paperback Book
  • Pages: 40
  • Grades: 1
  • ACR Level: 5.5


At last!  History you can sing!

As the curtain rises in a school auditorium, the audience waits with excited anticipation. Soon, a cast of spirited schoolchildren will portray the life of Abraham Lincoln through a simple, delightful, musical biography.

Jim Aylesworth's rousing original rendition of a Lincoln-era presidential campaign song (sung to the tune of "The Old Grey Mare") will have the youngest children singing history! Barbara McClintock's charming stage sets and exciting presentation make one of America's bravest, kindest, and wisest presidents accessible to the youngest readers. Music included.

*"Proving once again that they are a match made in picture-book heaven, Aylesworth and McClintock turn out a biography of Lincoln virtually guaranteed to hook readers. McClintock brings in the storytelling magic: she shows costumed children on one side of a curtain in a school auditorium, an eager audience waiting on the other. As usual, her attention to detail rewards those who look closely…. Endnotes amplify each verse with relevant facts. " — Publishers Weekly, starred review

*"With a fresh approach to Lincoln that is both delightful and accurate… McClintock captures the exuberance with charming visuals that outline significant aspects of the leader's life and lore. As an introduction for young children, this is a perfect resource, for the engaging images and catchy phrasing as well as for the larger story that it so deftly summarizes." — School Library Journal, starred review

"Direct references to slavery and Lincoln’s assassination appear in verses that can be sung right along with the others or used on their own to begin discussions on the topic. Well suited to both classroom and campfire, this educational picture book will provide interactive cultural and historical literacy, not just for this bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth but for many years to come." — Booklist

McClintock’s detailed illustrations, in her distinctive, old-fashioned style, capture the charm of young children playing dress-up and likewise serve to give a sense of distance from the disturbing realities of slavery, war and murder. Energetic teachers might even choose to stage the pantomime, as Aylesworth includes the music. A charming tribute." — Kirkus Reviews 


RELATED SUBJECTS: Historic Figures , The Presidency

Our Abe Lincoln

Paperback Book 4.46

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