Number Tales: Nine Bright Pennies

Number Tales: Nine Bright Pennies

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When Maggie pulls the stopper from her piggy bank, out tumble nine bright pennies. Wow! Now, what should she buy? This tale is designed to boost important early numeracy skills by helping children recognize numbers, count, add, subtract, and more. Also includes an interactive hide-and-seek page, and a chant-along poem!

Teacher Tips

After Reading: Display the “Can You Find?” picture on pages 14–15. Challenge children to locate and count the requested objects as well as other sets of nine (including nine lollipops and nine playing cards)!

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  • Item #: NTS541212
  • ISBN13: 9780545412124
  • Format: eBook
  • File Format: pdf
  • Grades: Pre-K - 1

Number Tales: Nine Bright Pennies



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