Four Pillars Grade 2

150 Books, Teacher's Guide, Conferring Card Deck

Four Pillars Grade 2

150 Books, Teacher's Guide, Conferring Card Deck

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Finding books that are engaging, relevant, and representative of students" backgrounds, interests, and skills is critical to sustained academic success. This classroom library was created to blend the four pillars of independent reading necessary to student achievement; social-emotional learning, student engagement, culturally relevant texts, and genre study.

The Four Pillars Classroom Library includes a carefully curated collection of 150 books, conferring and whole class prompts for critical thinking and social emotional learning, and strategies for students to engage in purposeful independent practice and rich, culturally responsive conversations.

See below for complete list of titles. Appropriate titles of equal value may be substituted if any of the listed titles are unavailable at shipping time.

Title list:
• The 100th Day of School from the Black Lagoon
• Aliens for Dinner?!
• All About Ellie
• Animal Superpowers
• Baby Sloths
• Baby Squirrels
• Barkus
• Blizzards
• Bug Off!
• Cam Jansen and the Snowy Day Mystery
• Captain Awesome Has the Best Snow Day Ever?
• Captain Awesome, Soccer Star
• Caring for Your Hamster
• The Case of the Weird Blue Chicken
• Charlie & Mouse
• Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy
• A Chick Grows Up
• The Chicken Squad
• Clark the Shark and the Big Book Report
• Coral Reefs
• Daisy Dreamer and the World of Make-Believe
• Daring Dogs
• Dark Shadows
• Elephant & Piggie: I Will Surprise My Friend!
• The Fairy Dogmother
• Fire! Fire!
• Flat Stanley and the Very Big Cookie
• Flat Stanley at Bat
• Flat Stanley Goes Camping
• Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl
• Fly Guy Presents: Bats
• Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs
• Fly Guy Presents: Insects
• Fly Guy Presents: Police Officers
• Fly Guy Presents: Snakes
• Fly Guy Presents: Weather
• George Washington Carver
• Ghosts Don't Ride Bikes, Do They?
• Give Bees a Chance
• Grand Canyon National Park
• The Haunted House Next Door
• Henry and Mudge and Annie's Good Move
• Henry and Mudge and the Funny Lunch
• Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend
• Hide And Seek
• Humphrey's Mixed-Up Magic Trick
• I am Abraham Lincoln
• I Am Brave
• I am Harriet Tubman
• I am Jim Henson
• I Am Kind
• I am Martin Luther King, Jr.
• I am Neil Armstrong
• I Want to Be a Doctor
• I'll Wait, Mr. Panda
• If You Were a Kid During the Civil Rights Movement
• The Infamous Ratsos Are Not Afraid
• The Infamous Ratsos
• Into the Wild
• Jane Goodall
• Katie Woo and Friends
• Kindness Counts!
• King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats
• King & Kayla and the Case of the Secret Code
• Last Stop on Market Street
• The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors
• LEGO® NF: Super Sharks
• Let's Talk Soccer
• Let's Talk Swimming
• Living in...Australia
• Living in...Mexico
• March of the Vanderpants
• Mr. Wolf's Class
• MTH-Merlin Missions: #22 Hurry Up, Houdini!
• MTH-Merlin Missions: #23 High Time for Heroes
• MTH-Merlin Missions: #24 Soccer on Sunday
• MTH-Merlin Missions: #25 Shadow of the Shark
• MTH-Merlin Missions: #26 Balto of the Blue Dawn
• My Weird School Goes to the Museum
• Mystery Club
• Narwhal
• Nat Geo Kids: Bees
• Nat Geo Kids: Mars
• Nat Geo Kids: Planets
• Nat Geo Kids: Predator Face-Off
• Nat Geo Kids: Pyramids
• Nat Geo Kids: Sacagawea
• Nat Geo Kids: Sea Otters
• Nat Geo Kids: Sea Otters
• Nat Geo Kids: Snakes!
• Nat Geo Kids: Ugly Animals
• Nat Geo Kids: Volcanoes
• Nat Geo Kids: Weird Sea Creatures
• Nat Geo Kids: Wolves
• The New Kid
• Nic Bishop Frogs
• Nic Bishop Spiders
• Night Sky
• Ninja Worrier
• Noodleheads See the Future
• Over and Under the Pond
• Perfecto Pet Show
• Poisonous Animals
• Poppleton Forever
• Prince Fly Guy
• The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde
• The Princess in Black and the Science Fair Scare
• Recess Is a Jungle!
• Rock Man vs. Weather Man
• Rosa Parks
• Sally Ride
• Scaredy Squirrel
• School Freezes Over!
• The Science Fair Is Freaky!
• The Slug
• Sneeze of the Octo-Schnozz
• Snow Day!
• Sofia Martinez: My Family Adventure
• Something's Fishy
• Sonia Sotomayor
• Stealing the Sword
• Stone Soup
• The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal
• Super Fly Guy
• Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt
• Super Rabbit Boy Blasts Off!
• Super Rabbit Boy vs. Super Rabbit Boss!
• Super Turbo Saves the Day!
• A Tadpole Grows Up
• Teamwork Trouble
• There's a Fly Guy in My Soup
• These Bees Count!
• These Rocks Count!
• The Three Billy Goats
• Tiny Blue Baxter
• The Toad
• UFO Spotted!
• Wallace and Grace and the Cupcake Caper
• Wallace and Grace and the Lost Puppy
• What If You Had An Animal Nose!?
• What If You Had Animal Ears?
• What If You Had Animal Eyes!?
• What If You Had Animal Hair!?
• What This Story Needs Is a Munch and a Crunch
• Wild Cats
• The Word Collector
• World Pizza
• Young Cam Jansen and the Baseball Mystery
• Zoey & Sassafras: Dragons and Marshmallows
• Zoey & Sassafras: Monsters and Mold

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Four Pillars Grade 2

Paperback Book Collection


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