Core Knowledge Sequence Grade K

100 Books

Core Knowledge Sequence Grade K

100 Books

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Teachers around the world have discovered the rich framework of the Core Knowledge Sequence, a blueprint for knowledge-based schooling designed to advance excellence and equity in education for all children.
The Core Knowledge Sequence collections fully align with selected topics from the Core Knowledge Sequence. Each grade-level collection contains a mix of classical literature, contemporary fiction, and nonfiction texts selected to support and cultivate cumulative, academic progress. Whether your school's instructional program is inspired by the Sequence or you are looking to enrich your curricula with content-rich, quality texts, these collections will serve as a valuable resource.

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Title list:
• 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World
• 10 Things You Can Do to Save Electricity
• Abraham Lincoln
• Africa
• The Amazing Life Cycle of Butterflies
• Antarctica
• Asia
• Australia
• Barack Obama (New Edition)
• Birds Make Nests
• Caring for Your Hamster
• Chicken Little
• Christopher Columbus
• Clothes in Colonial America
• The Cloud Book
• A Dandelion's Life
• The Day the Crayons Quit
• Ears to Hear
• The Earth Book
• Europe
• Extra Yarn
• Fly Guy Presents: The White House
• Fly Guy Presents: Weather
• Franklin D. Roosevelt
• Get Up and Go!
• The Gingerbread Man
• Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs
• Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas
• Hello Autumn!
• Hello Fall!
• Hello Spring!
• How a Seed Grows
• How Does Weather Change?
• If You Were a Kid in the Thirteen Colonies
• If You Were a Kid on the Mayflower
• If You're Happy and You Know It!
• L is for Liberty
• Landmarks U.S.A.
• Last Stop on Market Street
• Let's Read About... George Washington
• Lily Brown's Paintings
• The Lion and the Mouse
• Little Green Peas
• The Little Red Hen
• Living Sunlight
• Lola Plants a Garden
• Long, Tall Lincoln
• Maria Had A Little Llama / María tenía una llamita
• Miss Fox's Class Goes Green
• Mouse Paint
• My Five Senses
• Nat Geo Kids: Buzz, Bee!
• Nat Geo Kids: Elephants
• Nat Geo Kids: Look Outside!
• Nat Geo Kids: Real Dragons!
• Nat Geo Kids: Saving Animal Babies
• Nat Geo Kids: Seed to Plant
• Nat Geo Kids: Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie
• Nat Geo Kids: Sleep, Bear!
• Nat Geo Kids: Tadpole to Frog
• Nat Geo Kids: Weather
• Nat Geo Kids: Winter Wonderland
• North America
• Old Mikamba Had a Farm
• Our Earth
• Our Earth: Clean Energy
• Our Earth: Making Less Trash
• Out and About in D.C.
• Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes
• The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving
• Red Riding Hood
• Row, Row, Row Your Boat
• School in Colonial America
• Seed, Soil, Sun
• Seedlings: Pigs
• Sensing Light and Sound
• Sky Color
• South America
• Spectacular Spring
• Storms
• The Tale of Peter Rabbit
• This Little President
• Thomas Jefferson
• The Three Bears
• The Three Billy-Goats Gruff
• The Three Little Pigs
• The Tiny Seed
• Toad Weather
• A Tree Is a Plant
• Water Hole Waiting
• What Do Roots Do?
• What Do We Do With All This Stuff?
• What Does It Mean To Be Green?
• What Does the President Do?
• What Is Mount Rushmore?
• What Is the Statue of Liberty?
• What Is the Story of Our Flag?
• Work in Colonial America
• Worm Weather
• You Can't Taste a Pickle with Your Ear

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Core Knowledge Sequence Grade K

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