Core Knowledge Sequence Grade 5

50 Books

Core Knowledge Sequence Grade 5

50 Books

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Teachers around the world have discovered the rich framework of the Core Knowledge Sequence, a blueprint for knowledge-based schooling designed to advance excellence and equity in education for all children.
The Core Knowledge Sequence collections fully align with selected topics from the Core Knowledge Sequence. Each grade-level collection contains a mix of classical literature, contemporary fiction, and nonfiction texts selected to support and cultivate cumulative, academic progress. Whether your school's instructional program is inspired by the Sequence or you are looking to enrich your curricula with content-rich, quality texts, these collections will serve as a valuable resource.

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Title list:
• Abraham Lincoln
• The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
• Ancient Maya
• The Aztec Empire
• The California Gold Rush
• Call It Courage
• The Call of the Wild
• The Civil War
• The Confederate States of America
• Cornerstones of Freedom™-Third Series: The California Gold Rush
• The Dream Keeper
• The Elements
• Frederick Douglass Fights for Freedom
• Frederick's Journey
• Get in Shape
• Gettysburg
• Gettysburg*
• Henry VIII
• Human Body
• Ice Queen
• The Inca Empire
• Indian Chiefs
• Jabberwocky
• Langston Hughes
• Leonardo Da Vinci
• Lewis and Clark
• The Lewis and Clark Expedition
• Lincoln
• Lincoln Through the Lens
• Little Women
• Marching to Appomattox
• Michelangelo
• The Midwest
• Mount Rainier
• The Northeast
• Off the Map
• Robert Frost
• The Secret Garden
• Sir Francis Drake
• The Southeast
• The Southwest
• A Step Into History™: The Civil War
• Super Sums
• Two Miserable Presidents
• U.S. Landforms
• Unspoken
• Walt Whitman
• The West
• What Are the Chances?
• You Wouldn't Want to Explore with Lewis and Clark

* Titles may contain language or content considered inappropriate for younger readers.

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Core Knowledge Sequence Grade 5

Paperback Book Collection


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