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Your Health and Life Skills Magazine
Classroom Subscription - Print
Classroom Subscription - Print
Price per student: 9.49
Price per student: 9.49
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  • Item #: NTS165007
  • ISBN13: 165007
  • Format: Classroom Subscription - Print
  • Genre:
    Informational Text
  • Grades: 7 - 12
  • Funding Type:
    Title I, Part A,
    Title IV, Part B, 21st CCLC,
    Title III


Classroom Magazines are available on a 30-day free-trial basis. You will be billed separately. Price shown is for class sets of 10 or more student copies and includes Teacher's Guides, a desk copy, and complete online resources with videos, printable skills sheets, vocabulary quizzes, and more.
Choices inspires and informs middle- and high-school students through authentic stories on crucial issues that matter to teens. Our timely magazine gets young people to think critically about their health, their lives and their world while preparing them to make thoughtful, positive decisions now and in the future. Featuring a wide range of teaching tools, Choices enables teachers to transform our stories into unforgettable learning journeys that reinforce fundamental life skills and social- and emotional-learning concepts. Subscriptions include complete access to Choices Digital and Teacher’s Guides with every issue. Grades 7–12, Monthly.

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Take an in-depth look at how Choices meets state and national standards:

Choices Standards Connections

Online Resources:

Subscriptions of 10 or more copies include full access to Choices Digital, featuring:

NEW! Topic Search
With our website, you’re never limited to the topics in the magazine! Search five years’ worth of Choices articles and videos for the topics you need to teach.

NEW! Mobile-Friendly Articles
Your students can read any article on their smartphone, tablet or device of choice.

Choices videos expand on the articles with practical advice, inspiring interviews and thought-provoking PSAs.

Print or project these review exercises, quizzes and skills-based language arts skills sheets.

20 or more vocabulary words per issue are defined in our handy online glossary built right into the digital edition.

Web Links
Go beyond the magazine with vetted, age-appropriate links to other trusted and helpful websites.

Parent Blog
Keep parents in the know with an informative blog made just for the parents of your students.

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Annette Hays (June 10, 2014)
I have used Choices Magazines in the classroom since I began teaching in 1976. Since literacy is one of our great concerns, Choices provides me with an additional resource to encourage development of those skills along with teaching the life skills which Family and Consumer Science classes address. I use writing prompts a bellringer activity,daily. The Just SO You Know short articles on the inside cover provide great food for thought as a writing prompt. I develop some of my own guided reading worksheets

however, I LOVE using the already prepared worksheets that come with the magazine and are available online. I use many of the media clips on the Choices website as writing prompts as well. 5 STARS!!!

Pauline St.Onge (February 19, 2015)
My students always find the articles informative, helpful, and instructive. Reading about other peer experiences helps them realize they are not the only one dealing with similar issues, help is available, and there is hope.

Toni Floyd (February 09, 2015)
Choices is GREAT!! It’s my favorite resource for teaching my classes and offering students pertinent information that will lead to healthy choices for their lives!

Rebecca DelNigro (February 24, 2015)
My students love reading the articles! I can see how much it keeps even my most disinterested students engaged. The teaching resources are invaluable. I will never go back to text books again!

Joan Oodm (May 07, 2014)
CHOICES covers a wide range of issues relevant to today’s teen. For the most part, the articles are of very high interest and can be easily read by most all the students.


Classroom Subscription - Print


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