Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

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Key Features


Chocolate or Vanilla? contains nine quizzes to share with three of your closest friends. It also has a super-special BFF quiz, just for you and your best friend, for a totally outrageous way to learn each other's secrets.

Chocolate or Vanilla? asks:

  • Want to know if your friend is a fashion do or a fashion don't?

  • Want to find out who makes your friend blush and smile?

  • Want to know what pet peeves drive your friends crazy?

  • Want to uncover your friends' secret dreams about the future?

Or do you already know all the cool and crazy things about your BFF?

Product Details

  • Item #: NTS515602
  • ISBN13: 9780545156028
  • Format: Paperback Book
  • Pages: 80
  • Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
  • Genre:
    Jokes and Riddles
  • Grades: 4 - 7

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Paperback Book


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