A Touch of Ruckus

A Touch of Ruckus

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Tennessee Lancaster has a secret gift: when she touches objects, she sees and hears the memories connected to them. And with her mama pregnant again, her daddy’s job in jeopardy, and a new home in the mountains of North Carolina, Tennie uses her gift to keep the peace. When the Lancasters new temporary apartment is too small, Tennie volunteers to stay with her widowed grandma, Mimsy. But inside Mimsy’s antique shop, Tennie’s gift does something new — instead of just memories, her touch releases a ghost with a message: trouble is coming.

At first, Tennie wants to ignore it to avoid rocking the boat. The family is thriving, Mimsy has a good-lookin’ new boyfriend, and Tennie’s made an adventurous (nonbinary) friend, Fox, who she just might be developing a crush on. But when Fox, who claims they can see ghosts, goads Tennie into prowling around town and in the nearby forest for more haunted objects, Tennie finds herself releasing spirits that have been trapped in the area for ages. Soon, the hauntings are telling the dark story of a crooked strip miner who cheated and swindled them out of home and safety. Worse, the clues point to grandma’s new beau as the low-down rat. Now Tennie must choose between comfortable pretending and hunting down an ugly truth that threatens to drive away her only friend, destroy the forest, and tear her family apart forever

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  • ISBN13: 9781338702033
  • Format: Hardcover Book
  • Ages: 8 - 12
  • Grades: 3 - 7
  • Genre:
    Comedy and Humor,
  • Pages: 240
  • Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
  • Manufacturer: Scholastic Inc.
  • Weight (lbs): 0.73000
  • Dimensions: 0.92500 x 8.40000 x 5.60000
  • Language: English

A Touch of Ruckus

Hardcover Book


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