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"Writing my I Survived series is a joy for me, a labor of love... and tons of work! But it’s actually my 'side gig.' My day job is that I am the editor-in-chief of Scholastic Classroom Magazines, where we create 30 beautiful classroom resources for children and teachers in pre-K through high school. What’s become clear to me that writing I Survived and my work in magazines are united by a shared mission: to create stories that build kids’ knowledge about themselves and the world, to inspire and empower them to want to learn more on their own.

So many books that we publish here at Scholastic do just that. I spent some time talking to my editor friends, exploring some new and recent books across the grade levels. There are so many amazing choices, but here are some of my favorites for building knowledge and launching kids on learning journeys into history, science, and the world."

Lauren's Picks for Grades K-2

Lauren's Picks for Grades 3-6

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