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Schools across the country will be reopening this fall, and like you, we couldn’t be more excited. We’re here to help you give students the instruction and support that they deserve when they return to the classroom. Whether you’re looking for literacy curricula, classroom libraries, SEL programs, or interventions for striving readers, we can help you get back on track after an unprecedented year.

Learning to Read, Loving to Read

Learning to read with fluency and comprehension means mastering a set of complex skills that help readers to decode and understand words in a text. Skilled readers must be proficient in the five foundational reading skills that allow them to translate written words to spoken language, and the ability to make meaning from what they’ve read.

Build Early Foundations for Lifelong Literacy Achievement

Focus on Social-Emotional Learning and Culturally Responsive Instruction

As students come back together, there is an urgent need to help them develop supportive relationships, empathy for others, and personal responsibility. Students should have books where they can see themselves and their culture. Through culturally responsive stories and instructional resources, educators and families can help students feel valued, supported, and heard.

Develop Social Emotional Skills and Celebrate Students' Cultural Backgrounds

Create a Community of Readers in Your Classroom

Access to books is instrumental to developing students' love of reading and their writing and vocabulary skills. Books help build content knowledge, motivate, and inspire while opening worlds of exploration and imagination. Every student deserves access to diverse, appealing books that reflect their interests, develop critical thinking skills, and instill a desire for lifelong learning.

Build Your Classroom Libraries

Build Confidence and Skills

Small-group instruction not only allows you to differentiate learning, it’s also the perfect time to encourage your students to share their strengths with one another. Through research-based programs and supports, teachers can meet the needs of every student, no matter where they are in their literacy journey, and help them develop the skills they need to be successful, joyful readers.

Enhance Reading Success with Small-Group Instruction

Engage Families and Communities in Student Success

When families, communities, and schools work together, students are more successful and the entire community benefits. Research shows that when families are engaged in meaningful ways to actively support their children's learning and development, students thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Support Student Achievement Through Family Engagement

Kick Off the School Year with Your Scholastic Digital Programs

The Back to School Digital Success Center provides educators with a self-service site where they can find everything they need to get started with our Scholastic Education Solutions, including instructions for digital onboarding and rostering, support for third-party LMS integrations, implementation webinars for tech directors, and support for our digital magazines, personalized learning, and blended instructional programs.

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