Experiments With Plants
  • Salvatore Tocci (Author)
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Experiments With Plants
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Experiments With Plants
  • Salvatore Tocci (Author)
Experiments With Plants
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  • Item #: NTS382566
  • ISBN13:9780516222523-5970018257208
  • Format:Library Binding
  • Grades:3 - 5
  • Lexile® Measure:700L
  • Guided Reading Level:N
  •     Superb age-appropriate introduction to curriculum-relevant subjects
  •     Covers all studies, from Animals to American History, Geography to Science
  •     "Words to Know" glossary clarifies subject-specific vocabulary
  •     "Learning More" section encourages independent study
  •     Index makes navigating subject matter easy


    5/1/02 Library Talk
    "Colorful, visually attractive pages, large print, and simple, clear text with captioned illustrations will draw students into experimenting with science. An excellent teaching tool that provides basic information for reports. Recommended."


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