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Cornerstones of Freedom™, Second Series
Cornerstones of Freedom™, Second Series
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Cornerstones of Freedom™, Second Series
Cornerstones of Freedom™, Second Series
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  • Funding Type:Title I-A, IDEA/Special Education/RTI
  •     Expanded subject coverage
  •     Subheadings clarify what text is about
  •     Informative sidebars integrated with text highlight areas of interest
  •     Glossary words now boldfaced in text
  •     Comprehensive timelines
  •     "To Find Out More" sections and index now in every volume


    11/1/05 Library Media Connection
    This series takes a look at important events in American history, each viewed as a "defining moment" in U.S. history such as the Battle of Gettysburg, Ellis Island, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, and the Trail of Tears. Each volume begins with the setting and background of the event or time period. The incident or time period is covered in clearly written text that includes vital details without overwhelming the younger readers for whom the series is meant. The aftermath is discussed last, telling how the event defined, or changed history. Each book includes a glossary, a timeline covering the years discussed in the work, an index, and a brief bibliography of other information sources. No table of contents is included; however, font and type size is used to delineate sections. Though there is a basic chronological sequence to the books, the event itself is discussed more in a topical fashion. The illustrations, including many photographs, are well chosen and well placed in the text. The times and occurrences chosen for the series are good picks, and the books serve as a good introduction to these topics as well as being useful for research projects.