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  • Stunning illustrations enhance science learning
  • Lively text and engaging questions prompt discussion and pique reader interest
  • Pronunciation guides help with unfamiliar names
  • Special acetate pages provide vibrant, surprising details
  • Correlates to grade-level science curriculum
  • Meets Reading First funding requirements


    7/1/08 School Library Journal
    Designed to appeal to browsers, these volumes use a question-and-answer format to provide general overviews. Varied page layouts have an effective combination of white space and color paintings. Two acetate pages in each book allow see-through viewing for a different perspective (for example, in Ocean Life, a shell-encrusted rock on one of the acetate pages lifts to show animals that live at the bottom of a rock pool). Many spreads include a small box with a true-or-false question (answers can be found at the end of the book). Rain Forest considers only those in tropical areas. Dinosaurs shows the size of each animal compared to a human adult. These titles are worth considering as supplementary materials...