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ReadAbout 30-License Package
ReadAbout 30-License Package
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ReadAbout 30-License Package
ReadAbout 30-License Package
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ReadAbout is an adaptive, leveled, nonfiction reading technology for Grades 3-8. It works seamlessly alongside your core reading program to improve comprehension skills and strategies, build content-area knowledge and increase vocabulary. ReadAbout includes software that differentiates instruction, high-interest print materials, and comprehensive teacher resources.

The ReadAbout 30 License Package includes:
  • 30 Lifetime Student Licenses
  • 1 Administrator and Teacher Kit
  • 1 Student Kit (with 70 SmartFiles, 3 copies each)
  • 30 Lifetime Licenses of Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) EE1
  • Enrollment in the Scholastic RED course, ReadAbout: Improving Reading Comprehension Grades 3-8.