Scholastic Zip Zoom English
Scholastic Zip Zoom English
Scholastic Zip Zoom English
Scholastic Zip Zoom English
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Scholastic Zip Zoom English supports beginning English-Language Learners in Grades K-3 in developing critical language and reading skills. Using the power of technology and groundbreaking sequential Critical-Word Reader books, Zip Zoom English puts English-Language Learners on the fast path to success. Zip Zoom English has been proven effective at building English-Language Learners' early phonemic awareness, phonics, and sight word recognition skills. Zip Zoom English supplements English as a Second Language programs and core reading programs; it even supports teachers who are new to English-language teaching through the Scholastic Red course, Reading Success for English-Language Learners.

Zip Zoom English Includes:

    Interactive Software
  • 30 Lessons (3 levels; 10 lessons each)
  • Assessments
  • Printable Books
    3 Levels (10 lessons Each) of Instructional Material, Each Containing:
  • Professional Guide
  • Read-Aloud Library (10 books)
  • Zip Zoom Song & Chant Poster Book
  • Zip Zoom Sing-Along CD
  • Zip Zoom Word Picture
  • Book (6 copies)
  • Critical-Word Readers
  • (20 titles; 6 copies each)
  • Zip Zoom Critical-Word
  • Readers Audio Book CD
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Songs & Chants
  • Assessments
    Teacher Management System
  • Message Center
  • Detailed Progress Monitoring Reports
  • Assessments
  • Teacher Resources CD (with Blackline Masters and Resources)
  • Professional Development Video Workshops (5 per level)
  • Software Manual
  • Installation Guide
  • Scholastic RED ELL online professional development course