Momentum Grade 3 72 Books & Teaching Guide
Momentum Grade 3
Momentum Grade 3 72 Books & Teaching Guide
Momentum Grade 3
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Designed to promote leveled reading practice and build reading success, Momentum Libraries, created for Grades 1-6, help make the most of independent reading time in the classroom. Provide an enjoyable yet structured framework of leveled text and support materials. Momentum Libraries build reading, writing, and word skills, and move readers forward along the road to reading success.

Grade-Level Library Includes:
• 72 Books (18 fiction and 18 nonfiction titles; 2 copies each)
• Teacher's Handbook—includes Reproducible Activity Sheets that reinforce reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.
• Poster—to help students select a "just right" book.
• Display Case

Set Includes:
• All Kinds of Reptiles
• Animal Families
• Being Carried
• Circus Fun
• A City Garden
• A Crew for Captain Kate
• Dumpsideary Jam
• Frogs and Other Amphibians
• Fun on Wheels
• Giant Pandas
• The Girl, the Kite, the Wind
• Grandma's Special Recipe
• The Greatest Magic
• Have You Heard?
• Hide-and-Seek
• I Did That!
• I Don't Want to go to Thailand
• Kallie Fetches the Dragon
• Kangaroos
• The Lion in the Night
• Me and My Shadow
• Mister Nobody
• Mother Sun's Rest Day
• My Home Is Just Right for Me
• Mystery Mints
• A New Puppy
• Newborn Animals
• On the Open Plains
• Plants
• Rock Pools
• Snickers
• The Sounds I Hear
• Tropical Rain Forests
• Water
• What Has Wings?
• Which Animal Is That?

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