STEM Grades 7-8 12 Books
STEM Grades 7-8
STEM Grades 7-8 12 Books
STEM Grades 7-8
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Advance the learning of tomorrow’s innovators!

Integrate science, technology, engineering, and math into daily reading practice with a wide variety of content area titles. Provide cross-disciplinary opportunities to read independently.

Students will:
• Acquire a rich academic vocabulary.
• Have access to print that enriches background knowledge.
• Increase fluency with informational text.
• Develop a deeper knowledge of subject material.

See below for complete list of titles. Appropriate titles of equal value may be substituted if any of the listed titles are unavailable at shipping time.

Title list:
• Baby Mammoth Mummy Frozen in Time!
• Chemistry
• Food Engineering
• G Is for Googol
• George Washington Carver
• The Librarian Who Measured the Earth
• Man on the Moon, How a Photograph Made Anything Seem Possible
• Maps and Mapping
• Moonbird
• Not Your Parents' Money Book
• What's Eating You?
• Why Is Snot Green?