FASTT Math and Fraction Nation Combo Unlimited Site License

FASTT Math and Fraction Nation Combo Unlimited Site License

Math fact fluency in just 10 minutes a day! Fraction fluency in 15 minutes a day!

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Item #: NTS534849
ISBN13: 9780545348492
Format: DVD-ROM
File Size: Enterprise Edition
Dimensions: 2.0' x 2.0' x 8.5'
Grades: 2 - 8

The FASTT Math intervention program uses the research-validated FASTT system (Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching with Technology) to help all students develop fluency with basic math facts. FASTT Math assesses all students to uncover fluency gaps and to establish a baseline of fluency for each student. Then, FASTT Math automatically differentiates instruction in customized, 10-minute daily sessions. Fraction Nation targets fractions and decimalsÿ? two of the most difficult concepts to teach and learn. Designed to develop the critical foundations of fraction fluencyÿ? conceptual understanding and procedural knowledge ÿ? Fraction Nation delivers fraction fluency through explicit instruction, extensive practice, and ongoing assessments. Fraction Nation guides students on a journey through 64 carefully crafted lessons to build a strong foundation in fractions and decimals ? all in 15-minute lessons
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