Leveled Math Readers Grade 4

Leveled Math Readers Grade 4

114 Books (19 titles; 6 copies each) plus 19 eBooks, and Teaching Guide

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Item #: NTS554597
ISBN13: 9780545545976
Format: Paperback Book Collection
Dimensions: 1.0' x 4.0' x 9.0'
Grades: 4
Guided Reading Level: M - T
DRA Level: 20 - 50

Funding Type:
Title I-A, Title I-SIG, Race To The Top (RTTT), IDEA/Special Education/RTI, Title III, 21st CCLC

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Reinforce critical math concepts while building literacy skills.

Leveled Math Readers are designed to help children experience engaging stories and nonfiction that spark their imaginations. Students build essential vocabulary and concepts that relate to problem solving and mathematical thinking, while engaging in discussion to enhance comprehension as well as speaking and listening skills.

Each Grade 4 set includes:
• 20 titles and 6 copies of each book (120 books total), Levels M-T
• Teaching Guide
• eBook for every title (20 CDs total)

See below for complete list of titles. Appropriate titles of equal value may be substituted if any of the listed titles are unavailable at shipping time.

Set Includes:
• Against the Clock
• Against the Clock (CD ROM)
• Bidding Battles
• Bidding Battles (CD ROM)
• The Biggest Fish
• The Biggest Fish (CD ROM)
• Costume Party Cost Confusion!
• Costume Party Cost Confusion! (CD ROM)
• Count Your Chickens
• Count Your Chickens (CD ROM)
• The Forest and the Trees
• The Forest and the Trees (CD ROM)
• Leveled Math Readers Teachers Guide Grades 3-5
• Money Matters
• Money Matters (CD ROM)
• Number Patterns
• Number Patterns (CD ROM)
• Symmetry Rules!
• Symmetry Rules! (CD ROM)
• Think Outside the Box
• Think Outside the Box (CD ROM)
• A Tiling Tale
• A Tiling Tale (CD ROM)
• Too Many Cooks
• Too Many Cooks (CD ROM)
• Tracking Predators and Prey
• Tracking Predators and Prey (CD ROM)
• Tracking Trains
• Tracking Trains (CD ROM)
• Weather Watch
• Weather Watch (CD ROM)
• Wild and Weird Records
• Wild and Weird Records (CD ROM)
• Wild Waters: Facts and Stats
• Wild Waters: Facts and Stats (CD ROM)
• X-Treme Sports
• X-Treme Sports (CD ROM)
• Zoo Foods
• Zoo Foods (CD ROM)
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