Reading Activities for Ages 6-7

Read and write with your child to build literacy.
By Zoë Kashner
Nov 06, 2012



Nov 06, 2012

Taking Turns
At 6-7, many children are interested in chapter books that are a bit more challenging than they can handle on their own. Let your child pick a book she would love to read and take turns reading paragraphs or pages to each other. If your child gets tired of reading, you can always read aloud as she follows along. You’ll enjoy talking about the characters and plot of the story that you are experiencing together.

Shopping Adventure
Shopping with kids can feel like a chore. But if your child feels like he is contributing to a team effort, you may be surprised by his change in attitude. Ask your child to help you create a shopping list. Then, at the store, ask him to cross off each item as it is put in the cart.

Double Diary
As your child’s writing skills increase, consider keeping a double diary with her. You can write her a special note every day or every week, and she can write a note to you as well.

Book Review
Make reading rewarding by asking for your child’s ideas and opinions about his books. You can even help your child create a video “book talk” about a favorite book. Just turn on the camera, and ask him to say the title and author and to describe the story. Then, ask him to explain what he did and didn’t like about the book. When he doesn’t know what to say, ask him a question like, “What was your favorite part?” or “What could the characters do if the story kept going?” Grandparents, aunts, and uncles will treasure this video keepsake. 

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