READ 100,000 for Parents

New to READ 100,000? Here are 10 things to know about the program to help you get started.



  1. What is READ 100,000? The purpose of READ 100,000 is to help strengthen students' reading skills and motivate young readers. It does this by encouraging students to read as part of a school team.

    Beginning September 8, 2017, students can log and track every minute they read on the easy-­?to-­?use website – while aiming to exceed a team goal of reading 100,000 minutes or more. It’s fun, it’s motivating, and it’s absolutely FREE!
  2. Why should we join? Setting a reading goal is a proven way to keep kids reading. Tracking progress online is an easy way to see reading minutes add up. A reading goal is a great way to enhance relationships with the whole school community including parents, teachers, reading specialists, and your principal.
  3. When can students participate in READ 100,000? Schools can participate at any time of the school year. The READ 100,000 website will be available to schools through June 22, 2018. Schools choose when, and for how long to conduct their READ 100,000 drive.
  4. Can students really read 100,000 minutes? Reading 100,000 minutes may sound like a big goal, but it’s a realistic goal most schools can achieve. 500 Students x 30 Minutes per day x 7 Days = 105,000 Minutes
  5. Who can participate in READ 100,000? The site is geared to students ages 4-14, but all kids can participate in READ 100,000 and log reading minutes. If you read aloud to your younger children, you can log reading minutes on their behalf.
  6. How do I sign my child up? There are two ways to register. First, check with your child’s teacher to see if he or she signed up the entire class already. If so, the teacher has assigned your child a username and password. If not, you and your child can go to and sign up.
  7. Is the website safe for children? YES! There are COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) laws that Scholastic adheres to. It is completely safe for kids.
  8. My school is not participating. Can my child still sign up and log reading minutes? Absolutely! Parents can register their kids by going to Click on “KIDS” and then follow the instructions to pick a username and password. Make sure to check your email as you will receive an approval email asking permission for reading minutes to be applied to your child’s school.
  9. I am always looking for creative ways to keep my kids reading. Any suggestions? Sure! We have LOTS of great ideas. Check out the Scholastic Parents Facebook page. There are more ideas on the READ 100,000 for Parents web page.
  10. How does the Parent approval process work? Once a student signs up to participate, an email requesting permission is sent to the parent email address the student submitted during sign up. The email requests approval for the student to participate in READ 100,000 and contains a link the parent clicks on, which takes them to the Read 100,000 approval web page. If the parent does not activate the student, he/she can continue to log minutes but they will not be attributed to their school.
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