Design a Dream Bedroom for Your Book Lover

Make your child's book collection an essential part of her environment.



Delight your avid reader by transforming his bedroom into the book haven of his dreams. Look no further than your home library to find all the inspiration you need to turn an ordinary room into a space that encourages reading, promotes creativity, shows his interests, and displays his most cherished possessions. Just take it step by step (or page by page):

  1. Start with the bookshelf. It's the perfect spot to begin your makeover. The books you and your child choose to display and the way you arrange them provide an array of creative possibilities. Establish this area as the focal point of your child's room, and let your creativity expand from there.
  2. Pick a theme. Your child may have many interests, but try to narrow down the room's theme to one you can be the most creative with. From adventure books to historical fiction, from animal stories to myths and legends, build around one of your child’s favorite genres.
  3. Shelve books in a creative way. For example, in an adventure-themed room, you might organize the books based on setting. Gather seafaring adventures on one shelf, and dedicate another shelf to wilderness survival. Use extra shelves to display other possessions — especially those that go along with your theme. How about a globe or a treasure chest?
  4. Show them off. Once they're organized, display books in visually appealing ways. Show off covers that have particularly eye-catching illustrations. Mix up the arrangement of books on the shelf by taking a few books and stacking them on top of each other with their spines facing forward. Add adornments that relate to your theme, from action figures to accentuate adventure books to a whoopee cushion for his joke books.
  5. Move beyond the bookshelf. Try these book-inspired ideas for other areas of the room. You might also try choosing a few items from this list of gifts that encourage reading.
  • Create a reading corner: Set up an inviting, comfortable spot to sit (near the bookshelf, if possible). A big comfy chair, fluffy rug, beanbag, or large pillow will do just fine.
  • Inspire poetry: Encourage a love for words and exercise your child's creativity with magnetic word pieces that can be moved around and arranged to form poems and short stories.
  • Make a brag board: Put up a bulletin board, and display your child's book reports. It will remind her of what she's read and will encourage her to keep reading.
  • Be inspired: Many books offer words of wisdom, funny one-liners, or eloquent descriptions. As your child continues to read, encourage her to take note of any quotes that stand out and dedicate a wall to those sayings.
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