Families: Order Books Your Child Will Love to Read

Explore this quick guide to getting started with Scholastic Book Clubs.



Families: Order Books Your Child Will Love to Read

Scholastic Book Clubs has made discovering the joy of reading a cherished part of childhood for generations of readers. Today, ordering books each month is still the easiest and most affordable way for families to bring the best children’s books home.

How to Sign Up

1. Go to scholastic.com/bookclubs and click CONNECT TO YOUR TEACHER.

2. Connect to your child’s teacher by entering their Class Code, or by searching for your child’s school by zip code or city/state.
3. Once you’ve confirmed your child’s teacher and school information, click CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
4. Fill in your and your child’s information.

5. Click GET STARTED and start shopping!

How to Place an Order

1. Sign in at scholastic.com/bookclubs.

2. To add items from the paper or digital flyer, enter the item number in the blue box on the home page and click ADD TO CART. (You can also add items to your cart anytime while browsing.)
3. When you’re ready to check out, click the cart in the top right of the home page, or click GO TO CHECKOUT.
4. Review your cart, enter coupon codes if applicable, choose to have your order shipped to home or to your child’s teacher, and add a payment method.


Your child’s books will be delivered to the teacher. (Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering teachers the option to have their class orders shipped to school or to their homes and safely distribute to families.)

Happy reading!

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