Math Stories for Tweens

Help your child realize Math's usefulness by suggesting these titles.
By Michelle Anthony, PhD



Math Stories for Tweens

Math at this age tends to become more abstract. For some, this is the beginning of liking math. Books that ask kids to think mathematically or to problem solve in new ways not only reinforce math and literacy skills, but also highlight creative problem solving! Ignite a spark, help your child realize Math’s usefulness and support multidimensional thinking and reasoning with these engaging and instructional math reads: 

  • Bats on Parade by Kathi Appelt: Square numbers, square arrays, and the patterns they form underlie this fun read about bats on parade. Ask your child to predict how many bats will be in the next section, or in the band as a whole. 
  • Bat Jamboree by Kathi Appelt: Bats assemble in a triangular pattern formation. Lots of visual math and pattern making to do with this one! 
  • Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong is a Chinese folk tale about a pot that doubles everything. Extend the learning by making your own magic pot, keeping your rule a secret. Can your child figure it out by the numbers you give her? 
  • Arithmetic by Carl Sandburg: Want to literally play with mathematical images? Get absorbed in these anamorphic illustrations, and let them inspire your child to make her own! 
  • A Very Improbable Story: A Math Adventure by  Edward Einhorn  and Adam Gustafson is a fun story to help kids understand probability 
  • Multiplying MenaceThe Revenge Of Rumpelstiltskin (A Math Adventure) by Pam Calvert: Fractured Fairy Tales and multiplying whole numbers or fractions! Challenge your child to write her own, and then publish it on the Scholastic site! There is also The Multiplying Menace Divides.
  • The Great Number RumbleA Story of Math in Surprising Places by Cora Lee and Gillian O’Reilly: Full of humorous real-life math, along with great illustrations and diagrams. This book is sure to please even the reluctant mathematician. 
  • What’s Your Angle Pythagoras? A Math Adventure by Julie Ellis: Help your child understand the Pythagorean theory.
  • Greg Tang math books: Great for divergent thinking and creative problem solving.
  • The Sir Cumference Series by Cindy Neuschwander covers many fun and complicated math topics in playful ways.
  • Whole-y Cow! Fractions Are Fun by Taryn Souders: Silly introduction to fractions.
  • The Hershey's Fraction book by Jerry Pallotta: What a fun way to explore fractions! Extend this with any number of cooking/kitchen fraction opportunities.
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