Choosing Books for Your School-Age Reader

Select the best reads for early elementary schoolers.



Choosing Books for Your School-Age Reader

Providing great books for your child will not only help him become passionate about reading, but will promote school success by developing vocabulary, writing, comprehension, and study skills.

Choosing Books for Grades 1–2 (Ages 6–7)
Buying Basics
The key to selecting books for an emerging reader is to provide titles that will challenge him without causing too much frustration. Experts suggest that the ideal book will present your child with two to four unfamiliar words per page. Look for:

  • Read-alouds that offer appealing storylines and illustrations
  • Simple chapter books
  • A mix of fiction and nonfiction

Favorite Subjects: Animals, Adventure & Fantasy, Science & Nature, Humor
Favorite Characters: Captain Underpants, The Magic School Bus, Clifford

For more books and series your child is sure to love, check out our recommended reading lists.

Reading Comprehension
Book Selection Tips
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Reading Comprehension
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