Road Trip Back Seat Bingo: Free Printable

Get kids more engaged with their surroundings during your next family road trip!

By Allison McDonald
May 26, 2016



May 26, 2016

Road trip season is upon us and like it or not your kids are going to be in the back seat asking “ Are we there yet?” ten minutes into your five-hour trip. There are a bunch of old standby games to keep them occupied like eye spy, the alphabet game where you find letters in the road signs and even 20 questions. If you aren’t familiar with those games, I explained some in a former post, Alphabet Game on the Go.

If you are familiar with those games and need something a little more interactive, I put together this simple road trip bingo game using common road signs. Not only are kids having fun, they're also focusing on the print all around them. All you have to do is print this out and then you can choose how to play. Here's two ways of playing it:

  1. For shorter rides, or with younger children, this can be a plain old black out bingo game. Using a pencil or crayon, your child simply crosses out the word when they see it on road signs. The first person to cross out all the words wins. Easy right? But don’t worry you can make it harder! ...
  2. For long trips, this road trip bingo can also be used as a never ending bingo game, which means it can last for however long your road trip is. When you see the word, you don’t just cross it out and move on to the next word. Instead you tally it. Players tally the number of times they see the words. When you pull into Aunt Bessie’s driveway many hours later, the players can count up all the tally marks and declare a winner.

To get playing, click on the image below, and print.

What kind of games do you play with your kids on road trips? We’d love to hear about it on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page.

Featured Photo Credit: Kontrec/iStockphoto


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