Raise a Rock-Star Reader This Holiday Season

Check out Amy and Allison&s new book and top holiday travel tips! Plus, enter the Rock-Star Sweeps.

By Melanie English
Nov 17, 2015



Nov 17, 2015

Fans of the Scholastic Parents Raise a Reader blog? Scholastic just released Raising a Rock-Star Reader: 75 Quick Tips for Helping Your Child Develop a Lifelong Love for Reading from our top Parents bloggers Amy Mascott (of Teach Mama) and Allison McDonald (of No Time for Flashcards).

Amy and Allison’s first-ever parenting book aims to help busy parents get their children ready to read by integrating easy, five-minutes-a-day activities. These tips will help turn your reluctant reader into a rock-star reader! Raising a Rock-Star Reader offers parents 75 quick tips for helping infants, toddlers and school-age children discover the power and joy of reading.

You need tips right now? With the holidays right around the corner, here are 5 activities Amy and Allison suggest parents can do to keep their kids reading-ready and entertained during long trips.

  1. Pack books with you. Picture books in a carry-on or maybe an e-reader filled with a series are waiting to be devoured. If you don’t pack it they can’t read it, so make room for books in your bag!
  2. Play games like "rhyming I-Spy." Instead of looking for a color, you are looking for an object that rhymes with a word the player has said. For example, “ I spy with my little eye something that rhymes with rain...plane!"
  3. Listen to an audio book on a road trip. This is a fun way to “read” a book together as a family.
  4. Plan ahead and read a book that has been made into a film before your trip and watch it on the trip. After you are done watching don’t forget to compare the book to the film adaptation.
  5. Read yourself. Being a reading role model is not optional, it’s something we as parents must do. Amy and I can’t stress this enough, it’s really important. You don’t have to be reading War and Peace to be a good role model. Just be an example of someone who reads for fun.

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Enter the “Rock-Star Sweeps” for a chance to win a two-night trip to New York City, four tickets to see School of Rock on Broadway with a cast meet & greet, plus a signed copy of Raising a Rock-Star Reader

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