Activity Books Under $3 for Early Learners

Here’s how you can help your child learn basics like the alphabet and sorting.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Jul 10, 2023



Activity Books Under $3 for Early Learners

Jul 10, 2023

If you have a child in preschool or kindergarten, you're probably looking for ways to boost their learning skills and keep them engaged with educational activities. 

The Little Skill Seekers activity books are a key way to advance your child's early learning skills and set them up for success. This is a series of educational workbooks for kids ages 3 to 6 that focuses on the building blocks of early literacy and math skills. The books cover everything from counting and writing letters to matching, sorting, and letter sounds.

In Little Skill Seekers: Sorting & Matching, kids work their way through dozens of different picture exercises to build these skills, starting with simple tasks like circling which objects in a group of pictures might be used in the summertime, and then progressing to matching games, identifying shapes, and counting. Sorting and matching may not seem like they correspond directly to numbers and counting, but these are actually important core skills that serve as the basis for more complicated math concepts.

Your child will feel a huge sense of accomplishment every time they finish an exercise, and you'll love watching them eagerly flip the pages to tackle the next activity.

 Then, the Little Skill Seekers: Beginning Sounds book offers a stellar introduction to these skills that helps kids practice through picture games and basic spelling exercises. After all, one of the first stops on the bridge to reading is learning letter sounds.

Through completing them, kids increase their alphabet recognition and further develop their phonemic awareness, or the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds in spoken words. The pictures are bright and colorful, the directions are simple, and the book is designed to let kids work at their own pace while growing their skills.

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