Bust Out Of Your Reading Nook

Find fun and fresh places to read with your kids at home.

By Allison McDonald
Mar 07, 2013



Mar 07, 2013

Let’s face it: books have to compete with a lot of technology these days, and the last thing we want to do is to make reading a punishment by forcing it on our kids. Instead of turning reading into a chore, we as parents can keep reading fresh by adding a little novelty to how and where our kids cuddle up with a book.

Reading forts are so common at our house that I have given up putting the fleece blankets away. I am more than happy to move the furniture, get some heavy books to hold the blankets in place, and grab some of my kids’ favorite books. Climbing in with them to read is part of the fun. Kids love to play with their parents, and if we can play and read with them at the same time then we’re hitting it out of the park.

Whether your kids love the bath or it’s a struggle to get them into the tub, they will love the addition of their favorite stories to bath time. You can read regular books to them and get some special bath books that can go into the water with them.

Try including books at meals. Lunchtime reading is something we do often at our house; it keeps the little one at the table and the older one from negotiating away his pile of carrots.  My favorite way to do this is to read just a couple of books and then leave a pile for them to choose from after they are done eating. It’s a natural way to keep the reading going after the food is all gone.

Grab a laundry basket, a pillow, and add a few books. Your kids will love imagining themselves in a boat, train or rocket ship while they read.

A big camping trip to the mountains may not be in the cards, but setting up a tent in the backyard and reading by flashlight is a memory that your kids won’t forget. 


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