8 Inspiring Moms From Children's Books Kids and Families Love

In honor of mothers and motherly figures everywhere, introduce your reader to these fictional moms between the pages of their favorite stories.

Apr 21, 2023



8 Inspiring Moms From Children's Books Kids and Families Love

Apr 21, 2023

It’s undeniable: Mothers are the backbone of their families and communities. Mothers are also often the primary caregivers and that means they are the gateway to learning and books for children. 

To honor the moms, mamas, and mommy figures in our lives, here is a list of relatable mom characters who continue to touch the hearts of readers everywhere. 

Whether they’re sharing comforting cuddles or outsmarting evil forces, your little one will fall in love with the fictional mothers in these favorite stories and classic titles. By modeling compassion, strength, and bravery, these moms teach children the power of unconditional love.

1. Mrs. Raccoon from The Kissing Hand
This mother raccoon teaches a sweet message of how love knows no bounds. Whether your little one is starting school or entering daycare, Mrs. Raccoon shares a gentle reminder to young readers that a mother's love doesn’t go away even when you’re not together.

2. Mama from I Love You, Stinky Face
In this hilarious picture book, a son transforms himself into a swamp creature, stinky skunk, and meat-eating dinosaur to test the limits of his mother’s love. Mama reassures him that she loves him — no matter how smelly or slimy he is. Read this bedtime story together as a family for some laughs and cuddles.

3. Molly Weasley from Harry Potter
Molly Weasley is a celebration of motherly figures everywhere. She not only loves her own large family of kids but takes all the young wizards her kids bring home under her wing — like Harry Potter. Plus, she is a reminder that the protective power of a mother is vast and never-ending.

4. Mama and Mommy from My Moms Love Me
This joyful picture book shows all the ways mothers care for their little ones in simple, everyday moments. While Mama gives baths and plays with bubbles, Mommy reads stories and gives warm cuddles! This sweet story is perfect for celebrating love and spotlighting LGBTQ+ moms.

5. Natalie Prior from Divergent
While Natalie’s strength isn't apparent at first, her loving sacrifices and courage is revealed to readers as the story unfolds. As a mom, you will relate to her ability to put her child first, even in a world where factions are supposed to trump families.

6. Headless Mom from No, David!
Despite his mischievous antics — from jumping on furniture to breaking his mother’s vase — David’s mom loves him no matter what. This humorous book sheds light on the tougher moments of motherhood, while reminding readers about the unwavering love and patience moms have for their kids.

7. Mrs. Murry from A Wrinkle in Time 
A brilliant scientist raising four children on her own, Mrs. Murry is a powerhouse mom who always makes time to ensure her kids are happy and healthy. This inspiring fictional character is an ode to single moms everywhere and their warmth and resilience.

8. Mummy Pig in Peppa Pig: My Mommy
Told from the perspective of Peppa and her little brother George, this delightful story shares the many reasons why they love Mummy Pig. Whether it's giving comforting hugs or sharing sweet memories playing outside together, Mummy Pig is an example of how mothers show up for their kids every day. 

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