10 Must-Have Gifts for Hanukkah: Books, Reading, and More

Smaller gifts that are easy on the wallet and great for kids!

By Amy Mascott



10 Must-Have Gifts for Hanukkah: Books, Reading, and More

Here are 10 smaller, easy-on-the-wallet, must-have gifts that bring books, reading, and literacy into the mix in ways that kids will love--just in time for Hanukkah!

  1. A Boxed Set of Books: Many great series come in boxed sets.  Consider giving the children in your life boxed sets of books you think they'll love.
  2. eBooks: There are many free eReading apps for PC, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android tablets.  There are thousands of titles to choose from for kids of all ages.
  3. A Whole Series:  One book a day to complete a series would be a super way of celebrating literacy and reading during the eight days of Hanukkah.
  4. Book Collection on DVD: A collection of books on DVD are a super gift for children, and there are dozens of favorites to choose from! Beloved stories come to life in new ways when kids can "watch" them on TV!
  5. Audio Books: Books on CD are super gifts for holiday time.  Perfect for long trips in the car, audio books are a wonderful way of bringing together families and celebrating books and literacy!
  6. Puzzles: Great for children of any age, puzzles come in so many shapes and sizes, that you're bound to find one for all of the children on your list!
  7. Hand Pointers:  For playing school, for following words on a page, or for pointing out words on posters or signs, kids love Hand Pointers.
  8. Learning Mats: If kids can learn while they eat, great! Learning Mats come in all topics and subject areas, so whatever your child needs, grab a mat and he can eat, play, and learn!
  9. Songs and Story: Classic favorites are paired with songs and a short version of the story on CDs.   Kids love listening to familiar stories and the songs they love.
  10. Craft Kits: Reading and following the directions for putting together a cute craft is a great way for kids to practice their skills—and they will have a finished product to show off when they complete it!
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