Popular Book Series for Ages 0-2

Use these great read-alouds to introduce your child to the world of books.
By Scholastic Parents Staff
May 05, 2022



Popular Book Series for Ages 0-2

May 05, 2022

Introducing a love of reading to your child at an early age is an invaluable gift. When you explore a wide variety of books with your child from the time they're born, it sets them up for success for years to come, both academically and emotionally.

When beginning your child's reading journey, board books and picture books are wonderful ways to introduce them to colors, shapes, letters, animals, and so much more. This allows them to slowly make real-world connections between what they see in their favorite books and what they see in their surroundings. 

Authors like Andrea Davis-Pinkney, Ross Burach, and David Shannon all combine sweet illustrations with gentle narratives to engage your baby's senses well into toddlerhood. Bright colors and sing-song prose make the family read-aloud experience immersive and fun for babies and toddlers alike. 

Establishing a regular reading routine with your child will also build a solid foundation on which they'll hone their reading skills as they grow. And, while they begin learning basics like letters and their sounds, they'll also have an opportunity to develop social & emotional skills as they make new friends, interact with family, and explore their own their own feelings

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