Discover the Magic of the Harry Potter Collection

These beloved and wildly popular books will enchant any kid (or adult).
Apr 21, 2022



Discover the Magic of the Harry Potter Collection

Apr 21, 2022

The epic story of Harry Potter — the boy who lived — is told in this magical series, featuring heart-pounding quests, breathtaking Quidditch games, and some of the most amazing world-building of any fantasy series. A defining magical series whose memorable heroes became icons in the 90s and sparked a global phenomenon, Harry Potter still casts a spell on younger generations to this day. 

If you grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, you probably have the book titles in the series memorized (you can round out your child's collection with each one below), but there's another world of Harry Potter books beyond the original novels. Grab your broom and fly into illustrated and special editions, activities, and spin-offs that will captivate you and your child all over again! The Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set #1-7, which comes in a stunning collectible chest, is a fantastic way to get kids caught up in the magic. 

Teachers love the Harry Potter series, which is great for teaching kids about character development. “Every character within the book has a problem in their life,” says Melissa Zuckerman, an elementary school teacher in Florida. “If the student pays attention, they can figure out why Harry and his friends act the way they do.” 

Plus, many kids have already gotten wrapped up in the films and will be eager to read along or continue the wizarding adventures in spin-offs. “Most children have watched these movies,” says Kristen Pishkin, an elementary school teacher in Massachusetts. “This allows them to make connections between movies and texts.” Activity books like Harry Potter: Destroy the Horcruxes and Harry Potter: Marauder's Map Guide to Hogwarts will bring the adventures of Harry Potter at Hogwarts and beyond to life! 

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