Cold Weather Chapter Books for Independent Readers

From gripping stories of survival to tales of winters long ago, these chapter books will warm up your independent reader's season.
Feb 21, 2023



Cold Weather Chapter Books for Independent Readers

Feb 21, 2023

Need a fun way to keep your child occupied during the last remnants of winter? Look no further than sharing imaginative, colorful, and exciting chapter books!

Chapter books are the best way to provide your child a whole world to explore. Whether you choose a riveting series, book sets, or stand-alone titles, chapter books that capture your child's imagination will not only sharpen their literacy skills, but also keep them occupied for hours as they devour the pages. 

For example, Alan Gratz's newest book, Captain America: The Ghost Army is a thrilling story that combine's Gratz's signature edge-of-your-seat historical fiction and Marvel heroes. Captain America and his sidekick, Bucky Barnes, must fight the malicious Ghost Army — the collective spirits of past wars, all of which are impervious to manmade weapons. 

If your child loves graphic novels, Miles Morales: Stranger Tides will captivate your reader as they join Miles in his life as Spider-Man. Just as Miles finally gets the hang of this whole superhero thing while dealing with the ins and outs of high school life, a new video game begins to circulate. This would normally sound great, except this particular video game freezes its players. Now, Miles must fight the one responsible — a mysterious villain named The Stranger — before he freezes the entire city.

Fans of The Tyrell Show will love the newest addition to the series: The Tyrell Show: Season Two! When Tyrell's best friend, Boogie, moves away, Tyrell takes the show on the road to visit! But when Boogie begins to act strange, Tyrell discovers that his best friend has a bully. Tyrell is determined to confront this bully and save his best friend in the showdown of a lifetime. 

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