Great African Americans: Books for Beginning Readers

Find biographies of African Americans who made their mark along with fiction that centers Black lives and Black joy.

Feb 02, 2023



Great African Americans: Books for Beginning Readers

Feb 02, 2023

Black History Month is the perfect opportunity to honor and reflect on Black lives and stories. If you’re looking for ways to teach your little one about Black history and culture, reading books that lift up Black voices is a great place to start. 

Featuring powerful biographies of impactful African American figures and joyful stories from ordinary life, these titles are perfect for celebrating Black History Month together as a family — and will inspire your young reader all year-round!

For instance, Stand Up! 10 Mighty Women Who Made a Change shares the stories of 10 Black female figures who made a difference in the world by standing up for themselves and others. From legendary civil rights activists to unsung Black women who sparked great change, your child will be inspired by the influential heroes in this biographical collection. 

Meanwhile, More Than Peach is a heartwarming picture book about Bellen Woodard, a brave young activist who has grown the way kids celebrate all skin tones — one crayon at a time! This sweet story will teach your child important lessons about inclusivity, acceptance, empowerment, and advocating for what they believe in. 

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