Great Kindergarten Books That Teach The Alphabet

Use these fun titles to introduce your little one to letters.
Apr 08, 2022



Great Kindergarten Books That Teach The Alphabet

Apr 08, 2022

Learning the ABCs can be a fun and enjoyable experience for children. There are so many creative ways to teach your child their alphabet — and reading time is the perfect opportunity! 

Whether you practice the alphabet for a few minutes each night or read together for longer, using books to teach your child their ABCs is beneficial for setting them up for success in school and beyond. Recognizing letters by kindergarten is the foundation for their ability to string them together to form individual words — and gradually, sentences — in the books you read together. Then, before you know it, your child will be reading independently!

Identifying and decoding words, blending letters into words, and learning phonics are all a part of learning to read for children from kindergarten through 3rd grade, a period in which children learn the most about reading. As you practice the alphabet, reading aloud together (even repeating their favorite titles), exploring their interests, and asking questions regularly about what you’re reading together all have an impact on how quickly your child will begin to identify, understand, and comprehend not only letters, but general themes. 

Guided Reading packs are a great way to practice letters, sight words, and more as you embark on your reading journey with your child. When you start at Level A, you’ll explore simple, repetitive texts to introduce your child to reading. The BOB Books series is another great resource to continue their practice with letters, vowels, and more!

Another great way to teach your child the alphabet is by finding letters that you read about and practice in everyday surroundings. Turning it into a game provides a fun opportunity to practice letter recognition; for example, ask your child to find certain letters around the house or when you go to the store or on an outing together. They can search for those letters on commonplace items like fridge magnets, cereal boxes, signs, banners, and advertisements. Together, you can keep track of how many letters your child finds throughout the day.

Use favorite characters like The Old Lady to further help them along as they master their ABCs. You can also teach them mindfulness techniques while they learn the alphabet with titles like ABC Mindful Me. Find more expert-approved kindergarten books, tips, and resources at our guide to getting ready for kindergarten

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