Hippity Hop! Bunny Books for Your Child to Enjoy

Celebrate hoppy tales any time of year with these adorable stories.
May 16, 2022



Hippity Hop! Bunny Books for Your Child to Enjoy

May 16, 2022

Bunnies are simply irresistible: Bouncy, cuddly, and super cute, these fluffy little creatures charm and delight children of all ages. In stories, they're curious, sweet, and sometimes even a little miscievous. That is why adding books about bunnies to your child's library will bring a smile to their face and ignite a love of reading.

From finding hidden bunnies in I Spy Little Bunnies to laughing along with the classic antics of Peter Rabbit (here's why humor in children's books is important), your child will love these adorable books featuring bunny characters. Whether your child loves picture books like Knuffle Bunny or is graduating to their first chapter books like the Press Start! series, there is something for every kind of reader who loves bunnies in this expert-approved list.

Encourage a love of reading with help from our guide, which includes book recommendations by interest, tips for getting your child to read for pleasure, fun books to read, and much more.

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