Specialized Reading Program

Specialized Reading Program

Campaign ended on Aug 15, 2023
Teacher Dawn Fenton
My name is Dawn Fenton and I am a teacher at a special education high school on Long Island. My school services 52 local districts with students that have a variety of disabilities. I am running this campaign because my school does not have a library or a classroom library! Our curriculum focuses on the books that are for the unit lessons only and the same books are read every year for each grade level. I would like my students to have the option to independently read books that are considered more current and of their interest. Even though this is a high school program, many of the students that attend my school do not read on grade level, some even read at elementary levels. My goal with a classroom library is to help support my students reading abilities by having access to "fun and engaging" books. There are only online reading programs that are offered during independent reading in class and the students do not have access to these online platforms at home. I hope that these new books will inspire my students to read with independently. By contributing to my campaign, you’ll help me raise $500 to create a classroom library for my students. I promise these funds will benefit kids my student population for years to come. With your support, I’ll be able to give my students a chance to enjoy reading books that are of interest to them, hoping to spark that love of reading. Thank you for your support!
Specialized Reading Program


Jul 22, 2023