Summer Reading Bag 'O Books

Summer Reading Bag 'O Books

Campaign End Date Dec 10, 2023
Hello! My name is Jackie Owens. I teach K-12 library science in a rural Idaho school district. Every summer I try to send home a bag of books with every K-5th grade student. Students are able to exchange these books at the summer reading program in park, return them at the beginning of the new school year to help build the next years collection (traded for a small prize), or keep the books they fall in love with. I also provide a new drawstring backpack for each student that is theirs to keep. Every year, I'm looking for innovative ways to add more books to the collection. I usually distribute approximately 2000 books to students for the summer. My fall return rate is about 40%. I'm happy students choose to keep books! However, this means that every year I have to find money to cover the cost of more books. There is no library budget to help make up the deficit. Any help would be appreciated to get more books in the hands of children!
Summer Reading Bag 'O Books


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