Adding Diversity

Adding Diversity

Campaign ended on Oct 31, 2023
Teacher Shantel Santiago
Hi there, I’m Shantel and I teach 6th-8th grade at St. Theresa School. I wanted to add diversity to our classroom library so that learners can relate to the stories that they are reading. One of the eye opening moments in watching kids read is when their eyes light up because they can relate to the character in the book. Learners are influenced by the stories in books. Living on an island we are limited to the things that we can expose kids to, but through books, learners can experience so many things. The most effective way to do this is to fill my classroom library with a diverse collection of books across a variety of levels. Your support will help me raise $300 to fill our classroom library with new diverse books. Growing lifelong readers is the goal of my class—and your contribution will help do just that! Thank you, Taylor
Adding Diversity


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