Books for Mrs. Santos' Class

Books for Mrs. Santos' Class

Campaign ended on Jun 18, 2022
Teacher Lucy Santos
Hello! My name is Lucy Santos and I teach an amazing group of 5th grade learners. They are avid readers who have been exploring and reading their way through my small classroom library. They are eager for more! Our diverse group of readers love to read about animals, escape into historical fiction and laugh at graphic novels. My goal is to have a large variety of texts that will make reading accessible and joyful for all of my students. With the money raised from this campaign, my students will choose books to add to our library that will be shared with others for years to come. If our campaign goes over $250, the rest of the funds will go to purchasing books for students to take home over the summer. My hope is that these "summer books" will help support their reading habits, that they have been developing in our classroom, and keep the joy and benefit of reading alive and well for each one. Thank you for your support and encouragement for each of my 5th grade learners!
Books for Mrs. Santos' Class


Sep 26, 2021
Sandy Harris