Support Our Classroom Library

Support Our Classroom Library

Campaign ended on Oct 27, 2023
Teacher Ann Sobin
Hi! I'm Ann, and I am the Middle School Language Arts teacher at St. Stans. I'm thrilled to initiate this campaign, which aims to enrich our classroom library and place more books into the hands of my students. Witnessing a student develop a passion for reading is one of the greatest rewards of teaching. However, providing the perfect book to each individual reader isn't always straightforward. It's not just their interests that vary; their reading levels differ as well. With your kind support, I aim to secure $300 to infuse our classroom library with fresh, engaging reads. The ultimate objective of my class is to cultivate lifelong readers, and your contribution will play a pivotal role in achieving this aspiration. Thank you for considering joining me on this literary journey. Together, we can help these students embark on a path of discovery and learning that will last a lifetime. Your generosity will make a lasting impact! Thank you, Ann
Support Our Classroom Library


Sep 8, 2023