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    Teaching Collections

    Shop curated classroom books and upgrade your classroom library! Browse our classroom book sets and find the class set of books you've needed.

    Ready-To-Go Libraries

    A convenient, cost-effective way to build an engaging classroom library from the ground up

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    Ready-To-Go Español

    Build a Spanish language classroom library with best-selling fiction, nonfiction, and bilingual books

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    Culturally Responsive Collections

    Diversify your classroom library with collections that represent many communities

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    New Classroom Collections

    Essential titles for new classrooms

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    Optimistic Classroom Libraries

    Create a classroom culture that embraces collaboration and reflection

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    Core Knowledge Sequence

    Collections with a mix of classical literature, contemporary fiction, and nonfiction texts

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    Guided Reading Leveleled Libraries

    Leveled books for independent reading practice

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    Guided Reading Grade-Level Libraries

    Extend the reach of your classroom with below-level, at-level, and above-level libraries

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    Lexile© Collections

    Authentic literature in convenient, lexile-level ranges

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    Accelerated Reader Collections

    Each collection includes a comprehensive title list with Accelerated Reader Level, the Points, and the Quiz number

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    Scholastic Text Sets

    Provides students with an array of engaging science, social studies, and math topics

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    C3 Framework for Social Studies

    Grade-level instruction of civics, economics, geography, and history with authentic literature

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    Next Generation Science Standards Collections

    Build a library with texts on Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science, and Engineering & Technology

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    STEAM Libraries

    Inspire critical thinking, curiosity, questioning, and enthusiasm for knowledge

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    Big Book Collections

    Big books build early reading skills through shared reading

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